Mrs Kenya WEL ChampionFebruary 14, 2017, Nairobi, Kenya:
Women’s Empowerment Link (WEL) today launched its first national Photo-Essay
Competition, which aims to document the efforts made by Non-Governmental
Organizations (NGOs) working to better the lives of women and girls in Kenya.

“As an organization, Women’s Empowerment Link (WEL) recognizes the need to
celebrate efforts made by various non-governmental organizations to improve the
lives of women and girls in our society. To celebrate and document these efforts
WEL has launched its first national photo-essay competition. The competition is part
of a series of planned activities by Women’s Empowerment Link to mark the
International Women’s day, celebrated annually on 8th March. This year’s theme is
Be Bold For Change,” Virginia Nduta, Executive Director, Women’s Empowerment

The competition running under the banner #ISALUTEWOMEN is open to primary
school pupils, secondary school students, youth and professional photographers.

To participate, one is required to submit a maximum of five photos that depict
positive impact on gender issues in any County in Kenya. Along with the pictures,
using not more than 100 words, state the nature of the project and location.

Photos submitted could be of NGOs activities supporting education, health, arts,
business, agriculture or sports – just look around your neighborhood and take photos
of girls or women whose lives have been made better.

The Competition closes on 25th February 2017 and entries should be sent to
welphotoessay@gmail.com Winners will be announced and awarded on 7th March,
2017, during a colorful ceremony attended by various stakeholders. Winning photos
will be showcased at an exhibition entitled “I salute women”, which will run for two

About WEL
Women’s Empowerment Link (WEL) is a non-governmental organization that is implementing
initiatives to promote the socio-economic and political well-being of women and girls. Our
mission is to empower women to realize, exercise their rights and freedoms, and access
opportunities and privileges towards gender equality. WEL envisions a society that is gender
sensitive where women and men have equal rights and opportunities for a just society

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