For the strength of women,
for the strength of Africa


Women’s Empowerment Link (WEL) is a non-profit, non-partisan, non-governmental women’s right organization.

Our Vision

A World in Which Women and Girls Realize and Embrace Their Rights.

Our Mission

To Advance Women and Girl’s Social, Economic and Civic Rights.

Our Approach

From day one, SILC groups are owned and managed by their members.

About WEL

Women’s Empowerment Link (WEL) is a non-profit, non-partisan, non-governmental women’s right organization operating in Kenya for the last twelve (12) years with its head office in Nairobi and three satellite offices in Nakuru, Homabay and Kitui. WEL is committed to empowering women and girls to realize their full potential,worth, and strength politically, socially and economically through advocating for opportunities that explore their full potential.
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1. Transformative Leadership and Gorvanance

WEL seeks to increase the number of women in leadership, in decision making, and meaningful representations in political and developmental platforms. Strategies include building Partnerships and Collaborations, Create a pool of Locally led women movements, Capacity Development in Advocacy, Research, Analysis, Media Engagement and Civic Education.

2. Elimination of Violence against women & girls

WEL facilitates the development, promotion and enforcement of appropriate mechanisms for prevention, protection and response to violence against women. Strategies include the use of Movement Building, Advocacy Campaigns, Education/ Awareness Raising, Strengthening Structures for Response to VAWG, Strengthening Referral Networks and Community Led Activism in Ending Violence Against Women and Girls.

3. Economic Empowerment for Sustainable livelihoods

WEL supports a holistic, savings-led microfinance approach that provides a safe place for poor households, especially women to save and borrow money to increase their income. Through SILC and other models, WEL commits to create a highly sustainable, accessible, transparent, flexible and self-managed Savings and Internal Lending Communities (SILC) and also employ other strategies that include Entrepreneurship Development, Disaster Risk Reduction, Tax Justice and Social Protection

4. Climate Justice

WEL’s approach is to work with women led/grass root organizations to build widespread societal support for locally shaped climate solutions through an inclusive and right-based approaches. This includes building a broad-based climate movement at county level, bridging divides in gender that amplifies voices in new unusual ways. The interventions also tend to influence county policies and financial flows (e.g. climate finance, private sector investments) in support of these locally shaped solutions.

5. Institutional Development

WEL influenced the National Police Service to embrace institutional reforms and trained over 3000 officers on these reforms. In addition to that, 30 religious leaders and other members from the informal sector were trained on development, implementation and monitoring of by-laws and policies governing.