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Development and launch of the Kenya Women’s National Charter:

Through our “Mwamko Mpya” initiative, WEL rallied 43 CSOs to advocate for operationalization or realization of the opportunities for women set out in the Constitution of Kenya (CoK) 2010.These led to the development of the Kenya Women’s National Charter, including a National Action Plan (NAP) for its implementation. The Charter, developed in collaboration with government, was shared with more than 1,200 women leaders, 8, 424 citizens, media, government, political parties and CSOs. About 41 political parties integrated the Charter into their manifestos.

Promotion of girls’ education:

WEL contributed significantly to growing support for girl’s education in marginalized areas. As an example, the Desert Run Initiative conducted by WEL in collaboration with Desert Trust Management raised funds for girls’ education, which together with actions by supported boys to protect girls from SGBV, saw 20 girls in Northern Kenya proceed to High School.

Combating Female Genital Mutilation (FGM):

WEL facilitated the development of home grown measures for combatting FGM.Using 87 trained teachers as ToTs, a total 2,815 boys and girls from 38 schools in Naivasha and Baringo were educated on the harmful practice of FGM, with 10 girls being saved from the ‘cut’, and 4 circumcisers from Baringo abandoning the practice. Separately, WEL in collaboration with the Catholic Diocese of Nakuru developed a documentary on the developments within the Ilchamus community since the Anti-FGM Declaration in 2011