We envision a world where empowered women and men can work together to address gender inequalities and promote transformational leadership and development for a just society. The program seeks to increase the number of women in leadership positions (decision making positions), be they appointed, elected or nominated.

We Focus On

Partnerships and Collaborations

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We establish collaboration with the public and private sector actors who support structural change and sustainable practices that protect the rights of women.


advocacy2Support the advancement establishment, policies and institutions that promote women and girls’ rights and empowerment (campaigns, advocacy)

Capacity Development

Enhancing-TeamworkFacilitate strengthening/ skills development (trainings, mentoring, coaching etc.) for young women and girls on leadership, especially through a National Women’s Leadership Academy. WEL also builds the advocacy capacity of identified stakeholder groups.

Kenya Women’s National Charter

Women's Empowerment LinkWEL engages in strategic advocacy for the implementation of the women’s Charter and its National Action plan as tools for accountability to the women of Kenya by duty bearers.

Development of tools and materials

developement toolsDevelop tools for corporate advocacy across WEL’s priorities, as well as general training, mentorship and advocacy materials for women in leadership.

Research and Analysis

rnaRegularly assess/ monitor the operating landscape to identify emerging issues requiring attention. Also generate new knowledge and models for women empowerment.

Media Engagement

media engagementSystematically engage with the media as partners inadvocacy and monitoring relevant policy and practices.. Also includes strengthening media capacity to effectively report on gender inequality and womens empowerment.

Civic Education

civil educationFacilitate drives to raise consciousness on existing gendered inequalities and challenge unequal social norms/ power relations, and promote election and/or appointment of women into leadership positions